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    Apple to announce M1X-powered MacBook Pro

    Apple often announces Mac products in October so the latest report from Mark Gurman seems more than believable. He says that Apple is right on track with its new M1X silicons and will announce the much-anticipated MacBook Pro. A new high-end Mac mini is also rumored to join the party.

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    apple iphone 7 plus

    Looking over the iPhone 7 plus specs, the first item that comes as a surprise (or not) is the very high price, as it is considerably more expensive than its predecessor, while it still is a very similar phone. Knowing this, it is not hard to bring up the question: Why would anyone buy an iPhone 7 Plus? As we had an opportunity to try smartphones, we think ourselves in a position to answer this question. From our point of view, the answer is relatively simple: it is not about one single feature that makes it a better phone, although it does have a huge advantage in the twin-camera, a…

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    Can WordPress plugin break a website?

    There is a number of ways a plugin can do harm to your website, or even break it completely. A plugin that has lost support from his developer, or is no longer compatible with a new WordPress release will eventually stop working. This is why I would recommend getting a WordPress plugin from a reputable developer, with at least 12 months forward support, such as Themify Plugins and Themes. Knowing you will have enough time to take for an alternative plugin or an updated version will save you a lot of headaches. Note that Themify will provide free plugins with their themes. With no extra charge, these plugins will dramatically improve…

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    iPhone 12 Pro5G. A14 Bionic. Ein ganz neues Design. Ceramic Shield. LiDAR Scanner. Ein Pro Kamerasystem – optimiert für wenig Licht und sogar noch besser beim iPhone 12 Pro Max.iPhone 125G. A14 Bionic. Ein ganz neues Design. Ceramic Shield. Ein All‑Screen OLED Display. Nachtmodus bei jeder Kamera. Und das alles in zwei perfekten Größen, inklusive des neuen iPhone 12 mini.Alle iPhone Modelle vergleichen6,1" oder 6,7" Super Retina XDR Display…

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    What is the most secure email provider?

    While you can use a Yahoo or Gmail as a free or paid email service for your personal email, there are many advantages to consider for a professional email service. Best option is to have your email hosted on your website domain, so with every email, you are communicating your website identity to your customers, building your company image, and it looks very professional. That is why I would recommend irIST personal or business email service. Features that add value to a professional email service are security mailbox, strong spam or virus protection and data encryption, ability to access your emails from a multitude of devices large email storage … etc. Other…

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    What is the .ai domain?

    Country code top-level domain for Caribbean island of Anguilla (British overseas territory), the .ai domain was originally intended for use by entities connected with Anguilla. Because the acronym AI is globally recognized as Artificial Intelligence, so has the .AI become popular with tech companies in the machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence industry. You will find the best deal for .AI domain name with NameCheap The registration or an .AI domain name is very straightforward and fast since the domain name is internationalized, for general purpose use. All you need to do is fill out a few forms at a registry website.

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    Where is the best place to buy a .ai domain? Why?

    It seems that the cheapest place to buy .AI Domain is Namecheap. Why is this the best place to get an .AI domain registration? Because it is the most affordable offer on the market, and considering the minimum registration is two years, you might as well save some money by choosing the best place to register. Another reason to recommend NameCheap is that you’ll receive a WhoisGuard subscription absolutely FREE with every eligible domain registration. Namecheap is one of the leading domain registrar companies nowadays. .AI is the domain name extension (TLD) for Anguilla. It is administered by the government of Anguilla. .Ai stands for artificial intelligence and that’s a buzz…

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    7 Best Marketing Blogs of 2019

    In marketing, platform algorithms and industry trends change instantly. We have seven top marketing blogs of 2019 that’ll help you up your game!

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    6x Search Traffic – SearchLogistics

    How To 6x Search Traffic Step by Step This client works in one of the most competitive niches on the planet - sports betting.  Learn how we found a un

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    .ph domains – philippines domain names

    In 2016, more than 44,000,000 people used the internet in the Philippines, somewhere around 43% of the total country population. 52% of Filipinos had a computer with high speed Internet connection at home, though a survey showed the average internet speed of 4.5 Mbps and small percent of users over 30 years. This leads to conclude that the utilisation of internet in the country is still expecting growth and will lead to greater demand for website domains with .ph extension. In the event that your market is the Philippines, getting a .PH domain will give you an edge, specially considering search engines do prioritize local websites. .ph Domain Requirements: Anyone…

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