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    Why Cosmos' ATOM Cryptocurrency Is Climbing

    The ATOM token has skyrocketed more than 540% year to date.What happenedCosmos (CRYPTO:ATOM) recently announced the launch of a new blockchain network, and its ATOM cryptocurrency token is climbing as a result. ATOM was up roughly 6.1% over the previous 24 hours as of 4:45 p.m. EDT. The Cosmos team announced on Oct. 19 that it would be launching a new blockchain dubbed Sagan. The new blockchain network, which is named after astronomer Carl Sagan, will be used for application testing and experimentation. 

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    The New York Times Names Little Fox One of America's Favorit

    After a year-and-a-half defined by challenges, uncertainty and, at times, utter distress, Craig and Mowgli Rivard have reason to celebrate. Little Fox (2800 Shenandoah Avenue, 314-553-9456), the Fox Park eatery the husband and wife team opened together in December of 2019, has been named to the prestigious The New York Times Restaurant List for 2021.

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    SAMOS Griechenland

    Samos, Geburtsinsel des grossen Philosophen und Mathematiker Pytagoras, ist ein Ort wo der alte Intellekt und die Kultur hell erstrahlte. Die Insel befand sich auf der Hoehe seiner Groesse unter ihrem Herrscher Polykrates. Die groesste Stadt der Insel ist Samos, ehemals Vathy. Es besitzt eine interessantes archeologisches Museum mit Funden von den Ausgrabungen des Heraion (Tempel der Goettin Hera) und der alten Stadt Samos. Die Staedte Pythagorion und Carlovassi ( zweitgroesste Stadt von Bedeutung ) sind einen Besuch wert. Die Insel hat viele interessante Doerfer in den Bergen und an der Kueste. Einmalig ist das Paleontologische Museum des Ortes Mytilini. Die Insel liegt in der Ostägäis und ist der kleinasiatischen Küste vorgelagert. Im Südosten trennt die etwa 6 Kilometer lange und an…

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    Better Buy: Ethereum vs. Cardano

    The two cryptocurrencies share many features, but which one is a better investment?Ethereum has plenty of advantages, but it's not perfect.Cardano is still new to the game, but it's becoming a strong competitor.The right option for you will depend on your tolerance for risk.

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    Ripple CEO says the SEC helped Ethereum to overtake XRP as No.2

    Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has spoken out about what he considers unfair treatment by the SEC.Ripple chief executive Brad Garlinghouse has been airing his thoughts over the state of the crypto market and regulations, and a grudge over the financial regulator’s approach to Ethereum appears to have surfaced.Speaking at the DC Fintech Week virtual conference on Oct. 21, the Ripple boss declared that Ethereum had been granted a regulatory green light that enabled it to surpass his company’s XRP token.

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  • Jardin des Plantes Paris

    Jardin des Plantes

    The Jardin des Plantes – Paris, France The Jardin des Plantes or Botanical Gardens, dates back to 1626, when Herouard and Guy de la Brosse, the doctors of Louis XIII, established the Royal Garden of Medicinal Herbs, opened to the public in 1650. Its collections of plants were enriched by Louis XIV’s first doctor, Fagon, by the botanist Tournefort, by the three Jussieu brothers, who travelled the world in search of new plants, and above all by the great naturalist Buffon; the latter made the greatest contribution to the gardens, enlarging them as far as the Seine and building the galleries, the maze and the amphitheatre. At the time of…

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    NBA lands first cryptocurrency sponsorship with Coinbase

    The National Basketball Association is preparing  for its 75th anniversary on Tuesday. But it also increased its presence in the cryptocurrency space as it braces for the future.The NBA agreed to its first cryptocurrency sponsorship deal with Coinbase, the publicly traded company that makes an exchange for crypto trading. In the agreement, Coinbase will leverage just about all the NBA’s platforms including the WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K League and USA Basketball. Terms of the deal were not provided.

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  • Rudolfinum

    Rudolfinum in Prague

    Rudolfinum House of Artists ( Dum umelcu ) – This grandiose construction, with its elegant architectural forms, stands majestically on the banks of the Vltava and overlooks the square named after Jan Palach, the martyr of the ” Prague Spring ” in 1968. It is also known as the Rudolfinum, as it was named in honour of Rudolph of Habsburg. It was built in the second half of the 19th century by J. Zitek and J. Schulz. Once the seat of the Czechoslovak Parliament ( 1919 – 1939 ), it is considered to be one of the most outstanding examples of neo – Renaissance architecture in Prague.  An allegory dedicated to Wagner adorns the main…

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    RBC Proposes Options Bet on Bitcoin-Linked Tesla

    Options traders could right now take advantage of a rare divergence in options metrics between the two bitcoin (BTC)-holding companies MicroStrategy and Tesla a strategist at investment bank RBC Capital Markets has suggested.According to a note written by RBC derivatives strategist Amy Wu Silverman, the stocks of both companies have risen along with the bitcoin price. However, the skew measuring the cost of bearish options bets – known as puts – versus bullish bets – known as calls – is now inverted for MicroStrategy while Tesla is at highs, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

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  • Champs elysees

    Champs elysees

    Champs elysees was originally a vast swampy area; after its reclamation, Le Notre in 1667 designed the wide avenue which was first called the Grand-Cours (its present name dates from 1709): it extends from the Tuileries to Place de I’Etoile, now called Place de Gaulle. At the beginning of the avenue are the celebrated Horses of Marly, by Guillaume Coustou. From here to the Rond-Point of the Champs-Elysees, the avenue is flanked by a vast park. As we walk along it, on the right is the Theatre des Ambassadeurs-Espace Pierre Cardin, on the left the Ledoyen restaurant from the time of Louis XVI. In Place Clemenceau is the bronze statue…

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    Jack Dorsey says Square may build a bitcoin mining system

    Square CEO Jack Dorsey said late on Friday the company might jump into the bitcoin mining business.Dorsey tweeted that the company is considering a “bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon and open source for individuals and businesses worldwide.” The price of bitcoin rose above $62,000 following Dorsey’s string of tweets, as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency pushes toward its all-time high.

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  • Paris St Severin

    St. Severin Paris

    From as early as the end of the 11th century, St-Severin was the parish church of the whole Left Bank. Its construction as it stands today was begun in the first half of the 13th century and lasted until the end of the 16th. Here, legend relates, Dante came to pray at the time of his hypothetical trip to Paris, perhaps in 1307. The west door, dating from the 13th century, comes from the church of St-Pierre-aux-Boeufs, demolished in 1839. The windows and rose window above it are in the Flamboyant Gothic style of the 15th century, while the bell tower standing on the left is from the 13th century.…

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