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    Cardi B Rocks Golden Nipple Outfit At Paris Fashion Week With Of

    Cardi B made her first public appearance since giving birth, earlier this month, during Paris Fashion Week. Cardi B stepped out in a tweed jacket with two golden nipple patches and a gold headpiece for Paris Fashion Week, Wednesday, with her husband, Offset. Cardi made her first public appearance si...

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    Vincennes Paris

    Castle This was called the “Versailles of the middle ages” and its history is closely linked to the history of france. The forest of vincennes was acquired by the crown in the 11th century and philippe auguste had a manorhouse built there, to which louis ix added the chapel. The castle, built by the valois, was begun by philippe vi in 1334 and completed by charles v in 1370: in this period the keep, part of the chapel and the surrounding walls were constructed. In 1654 mazarin (who had become governor of vincennes two years before) commissioned le vau to erect two symmetrical pavilions for the king and queen. From…

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    Sorbonne Paris University

    The name Sorbonne is used to indicate the complex of buildings which the University of Paris has occupied for seven centuries. In 1253 the confessor of King Louis IX, Robert de Sorbon, founded a college in which theology was also taught to poorer students, and this was the original nucleus of what was to be the famous university. In the vast area which it occupies today are the various institutes and lecture rooms besides other parts such as the library and the chancellor’s lodge. COLLEGE DE FRANCE Standing on the remains of Gallo-Roman baths, it was constructed between 1610 and 1778 by Chalgrin. The College de France was created in 1530 by Francois I…

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    Versailles in France

    Versailles HISTORY Situated about 14 miles south-west of Paris, Versailles at the time of Louis XIII was no more than a modest hunting lodge, built in 1624 and consisting of a simple square building with the present-day Marble Court in the centre.  The creation of the great palace of Versailles was due to Louis XIV, who after the Fronda incidents decided to abandon Paris and transform his predecessor’s simple hunting castle into a royal palace worthy of the splendid sovereign he wished to be. In 1668 Le Vau enlarged the original building to twice its size, giving it a wide facade on the side overlooking the park. The work of transforming the…

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    Paris France Hotel Carnavalet

    Entrance to Paris – Hotel Carnavalet, one of the finest in the city and containing one of its most interesting museums, is at no. 23 Rue de Sevigne. Constructed in 1544, it was rebuilt in Renaissance forms in 1655 by Francois Mansart, who added a floor and gave it its present appearance; it also contains some fine statues by Jean Goujon.  In 1677, the building was rented by the writer Marie de Rabutin, better known as the/ Marquise de Sevigne, and in the 19th century the Museum was opened, containing historical documents of great importance and rarity related to the history of Paris, seen through its historical figures, monuments and costumes, from…

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    Montmartre was and is one of the most picturesque and curious quarters of Paris It stands on a limestone hill 425 feet high where, according to the legend, St Denis, the first bishop of Paris, was beheaded in about 250 A.D., along with the priests Eleutherius and Rusticus.     Because of its strategic position, dominating the whole of Paris, Montmartre has also had an important part in the city’s political history. In fact the Commune began from an incident here in March 1871. Then throughout the 19th century Montmartre was the mecca of all the Bohemian artists and for a long time it maintained its place as the literary and  artistic centre…

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