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    apple iphone 7 plus

    Looking over the iPhone 7 plus specs, the first item that comes as a surprise (or not) is the very high price, as it is considerably more expensive than its predecessor, while it still is a very similar phone. Knowing this, it is not hard to bring up the question: Why would anyone buy an iPhone 7 Plus? As we had an opportunity to try smartphones, we think ourselves in a position to answer this question. From our point of view, the answer is relatively simple: it is not about one single feature that makes it a better phone, although it does have a huge advantage in the twin-camera, a…

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    for nothing in Spanish

    for nothing  (without payment) :  gratis for nothing  (without reason) :  sin motivo for nothing  (to no effect) :  para nada for nothing in Spanish examples: I’m wasting the best years of my life for nothing – Estoy desperdiciando los mejores años de mi vida por nada. The salt will lose its taste and be good for nothing. –  La sal perderá su sabor y será buena para nada. The little boy came up from behind and hit me for nothing. – El niñito apareció de golpe y me pegó sin motivo. In effect, the quality controls are relevant if they manage to get good results and if this doesn’t happen it serves for nothing.   –  En sentido inverso, qué importa que…

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  • Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic should win 25 Slams

    Watch: The moment Novak Djokovic won a sixth Wimbledon titleVenue: All England Club Dates: 28 June-11 JulyCoverage: Live across BBC TV, radio and online with extensive coverage on BBC iPlayer, Red Button, Connected TVs and mobile app. Full details hereIt will be a "major surprise" if Novak Djokovic does not win 25 Grand Slams, says…

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