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delta brony

*Delta Brony was flying over Equestria as he plans to meet Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Queen Chrysalis. He also mentions about Galeem and Nintendy.*

[Delta Brony] “Nintendy thinks that he could expose me by telling Twilight about my plan. Galeem is at 50% so he is halfway there. Looks like I’m gonna have to take things under my wing, by meeting Twilight’s old enemies.”

“Brony” is an Internet slang term used to describe a teenage or adult male fan of the TV cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM). Though initially seen as a cult phenomenon outside of the show’s traditional demographic of young girls, the Bronies have since grown into a widely recognized fandom subculture and continued to retain their presence and influence on Internet culture and its hub sites.

Online History

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Canadian/American flash cartoon series, produced by Studio B Productions, based on Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise. Since its on-air debut in October 2010, the series became an immensely popular subject of discussions, reaction images and image macros on the web. The term “brony,” a portmanteau of “bro” and “pony,” was coined on 4chan shortly after the pilot episode of the show on the Hub network. For more information on the genesis of the Brony fanbase, please read KYMdb – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The presence of Bronies on 4chan‘s /co/ (cartoon) and /b/ (random) boards rapidly grew in the following months of 2010 and early 2011, as documented in a series of statistical graphs published by the MLP fan news site Equestria Daily.[2]


The first Urban Dictionary definition of “Bronies” was submitted on December 23rd, 2010, describing the group as “people who take pride in watching My Little Pony.” There are 16 definition entries for the term “Brony” on Urban Dictionary, as of June 2012. Despite the outgrowth of the fandom, Bronies continued to maintain their presence on 4chan, contributing to the growing body of often shockingly perverse and graphic fanfiction and fanart based on the characters and the plot of the show. On February 16th, 2012, moot created the /mlp/ (pony) board on 4chan with an acknowledgement that it was time that they had their backs turned to “one of the biggest subcultures in 4chan history” and that they were “giving the ponies the home they deserved from day one”.


Fan Art

As of July 3rd, 2012, over 300,000 results can be found under the search query “Friendship is Magic” on the art-sharing website DeviantART. In addition, several groups dedicated to the fandom have been created as well, such as MLP-FiM[10] and MLPFriendshipIsMagic.[17] The popularity of art also spread through Equestria Daily’s Drawfriend posts.[18]


Brony musicians often post on the MLP: FiM music forum site My Little Remix[15] and stream music on the radio site Ponify.me.[16]. Bronies and the musical staff behind My Little Pony were reported on in an article in Rolling Stone,[11] in which the show’s main composer Daniel Ingram praised several brony musicians, including The Living Tombstone[12], Alex S.[13], and Eurobeat Brony.[14]


While “brony” is the most commonplace term used to describe the male fandom on 4chan and elsewhere, those who post ponies mainly on 4chan’s /co/ (cartoon) board have identified themselves with the term “colts” while female fans of the show have been referred to as “pegasisters.” Throughout 2011, additional slang terms were adopted by the Brony community, which became known as “Bronyspeak”.


The inaugural event was attended by 100 people and featured Cabal, the founder of RainbowDash.net and Jayson Thiessen, the show’s supervising director. The second BroNYCon was held in September 24th, 2011, which was attended by 300 people and featured the Equestria Daily founder Scotellaro. The third event was held in January of 2012 and attended by 800 people.

The fourth BroNYCon took place from June 30th to July 1st, 2012, with more than 4,000 attendees[8] and a number of the show’s production staff members and voice actors, including Lauren Faust, John de Lancie and Tara Strong. During the event, documentary producer Michael Brockhoff created a documentary about bronies, featuring de Lancie, Faust and Strong as executive producers. The project was funded with over $320,000 from Kickstarter supporters.[9]

Brony Thank You Project

In May of 2012, MLP: FiM fan James Turner launched a fundraising campaign titled “The Brony Thank You Project” on IndieGogo,[26] which aimed to raise $2,000 to run an advertisement on the Hub television network thanking those involved with the show for their efforts.

On May 8th, the Internet news site The Daily Dot[25] published an article about the campaign, noting that it had already raised over six times the initial projection. By the end of the month, the campaign closed with a total of $16,576 in donations. On July 2nd, The Daily Dot[27] published an interview with Turner, who claimed he would be donating the excess funds to the children’s charity Toys for Tots. On November 5th, the 30-second commercial began airing on The Hub network, featuring messages from fans of the show thanking the creators. On the same day, the BronyThankYouFund YouTube channel uploaded an extended version of the commercial, which included a full list of the fund’s contributors (shown below).

On May 10th, 2013, the Brony Thank You Fund[29] announced they had received status as a 501©(3) nonprofit organization and would become retroactively tax-deductible. On May 15th, The Daily Dot[28] published a follow-up article reporting on the Thank You Fund’s new tax-exempt status.

Media Coverage

The Colbert Report Brony Shoutout

On August 1st, 2011, Stephen Colbert gave a shoutout to “…all my bronies that may be watching” during a broadcast of The Colbert Report (shown below).[22]

The Jerry Springer Show

In August of 2012, the staff of The Jerry Springer Show sent out a call on the Internet, looking for bronies to appear on an upcoming episode. The brony community quickly rallied to warn others that this could paint bronies in a negative light. Tara Strong offered similar advice through her Twitter account.[23] Despite this, a segment of an October 2012 show dealing with “Outrageous Guilty Pleasures” included purported bronies Tim and Autumn (shown below, left).[24] The two later posted a separate video claiming they were authentic bronies and wore strange costumes during the show to avoid copyright infringement (shown below, right).[24]

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*Delta Brony looks down and sees Grogar’s lair.*

[Delta Brony] “I been there before because I was undercover. So now would be the perfect time to reveal myself to them.”

*At Grogar’s lair…*

[Cozy Glow] “Sorry to interrupt you Tirek. When Grogar retrieves the bell and we take over Equestria, what would be our next goal?”

[Lord Tirek] “A mere celebration we could have.”

[Queen Chrysalis] “Haven’t you forgot something you too. Grogar could be using us at his own game.”

[Cozy Glow] “He is very grumpy and mean to be honest.”

*Suddenly, Delta Brony arrives at the scene.*

[Delta Brony] “Hope I am not interrupting.”

*The three villains gasped and sees that the alicorn stallion is here.*

[Queen Chrysalis] “ANOTHER ALICORN?!!”

[Lord Tirek] “What is he doing here?!”

[Cozy Glow] “Hey, you look familiar. Aren’t you the same pony that became headmare Twilight’s substiture teacher?”

[Delta Brony] “In the flesh Cozy Glow.”

*Delta swoops down and walks close to the villains*

[Delta Brony] “Delta Brony, alicorn prince and guardian of Twilight Sparkle.”

[Lord Tirek] “Delta… Brony… oh yes. That name almost sound like Omega Brony.”

[Omega Brony] “You called?”

*Omega Brony arrives at Grogar’s lair to meet with Delta and the Legion.*

[Delta Brony] “Omega Brony, why am I not surprised. How’s Dar…”

[Omega Brony] “Shhhh…”

[Delta Brony] “Oh… sorry.”

[Queen Chrysalis] “Two alicorns? But this one has bat wings.”

[Cozy Glow] “Weird if you ask me.”

[Omega Brony] “Don’t be hasty with your words. i followed Delta here to tell you that…”

[Delta Brony] “..our training needs to be complete?”

[Omega Brony] “Whoa!! How did you know?”

[Delta Brony] “I can predict what you are about to say.”

[Omega Brony] “Intriguing  of you. You are quite intelligent just like me.”

[Lord Tirek] “Training you say? Well, we could help you become stronger than ever before until Grogar arrives.”

[Queen Chrysalis] “If you could join us of course.”

[Omega Brony] “Who you may be, oh lovely one?”

[Queen Chrysalis] “Chrysalis, the changeling queen. I could transform into anyone I choose like this one.”

*Queen Chrysalis changes into Delta Brony*

[Queen Chrysalis (Delta Brony)] “So, what do you think?”

[Omega Brony] “SWEET!!”

[Delta Brony] “I dealt with more of your kind when you invaded Canterlot long ago.”

*Queen Chrysalis changes back to her original form.*

[Queen Chrysalis] “It’s a shame that my army was turned against me because of Starlight Glimmer!! I will not let her get away with this!!”

[Delta Brony] “Oh you will, cause you and the other got something for Grogar to use against the ponies.”

[Cozy Glow] “You mean this bell?”

*Cozy Glow shows the bewitching bell to Delta Brony, and Omega Brony walks close to it.*

[Omega Brony] “Muahahahahaha!! So this is the bell that you retrieved for that ram of yours. I am impressed that he sent you on a mission, and you accomplished it.”

[Delta Brony] “Grogar will have unlimited power when he puts it on, and Twilight Sparkle will have no choice but to falter.”

[Omega Brony] “It is only a matter of time.”

[Lord Tirek] “So, are you in for some training lessons or not?”

[Delta Brony] “There’s are cue Omega.”

[Omega Brony] “I can really use a workout.”

*Meanwhile at the field…*

[Cozy Glow] “The first thing is all about offense and defense. One of you is gonna go one on one with Tirek.”

[Omega Brony] “Well well well, this could be my ultimate opportunity.”

[Lord Tirek] “So you want to face me? Alright then, although I’m gonna need some magic to match your power.”

[Delta Brony] “That’s fine with you.”

*Cozy Glow and Queen Chrysalis and Omega looks at Delta with a smug look*

[Delta Brony] (gasp) “No… you wouldn’t dare!!”

*Lord Tirek uses his magic to levitate Delta Brony and brings him here*

[Delta Brony] “Don’t do this. I know what you are capable on doing. You did this to Twilight and her friends once.”

[Lord Tirek] “Sorry Delta, but it has to be this way.”

*Lord Tirek opens his mouth wide and starts sucking up Delta’s magic*


*Lord Tirek finally has all of Delta’s alicorn magic and becomes strong. He puts him down to the ground.*

[Delta Brony] “That was… painful.”

[Omega Brony] “It won’t be long now Delta.”

[Lord Tirek] “Ready?”

[Omega Brony] “Ready when you are.”

*Tirek smashes the ground, causing the pillars to emerge. Omega Brony flies and evades them all. Then Tirek fires a beam at Omega, but he uses his magic shield.*

[Omega Brony] “Is that the best you got?”

[Lord Tirek] “Not bad. But can you handle this?”

*Lord Tirek begins to charge at Omega, he collides with him. Omega fights back by stopping the charge.*

[Omega Brony] “I was right when I said that I could use… A WORKOUT!!”

*Omega Brony slams Lord Tirek onto the ground.*

[Delta Brony] “Omega… he’s… doing it.”

[Queen Chsytalis] “How could he be this strong than Tirek?”

[Cozy Glow] “I was gonna ask the same thing.”

[Omega Brony] “Heh. Never underestimate the most powerful pony in Equestria.”

*But Tirek gets up and grabs Omega Brony*

[Lord Tirek] “Except you never turn your back on your opponent.”

[Omega Brony] “Heh. I was hoping you say that. LIGHTNING MASQUERADE!!”

*A storm cloud appears and surrounds the two in a barrage of lightning bolts. One bolt hits Tirek’s hand, causing him to let go.*

[Omega Brony] “Crimson Sphere!!”

*Omega fires a glowing red ball at Tirek and it explodes by contact. The smoke clears as Omega sees Tirek shielded himself just in time*

[Lord Tirek] “You are powerful than ever. Where did you get this magic?”

[Omega Brony] “It’s a long story Tirek. Very long story.”

[Lord Tirek] “Well then, on to the second lesson.”

*Lord Tirek returns all the magic to Delta Brony.*

[Delta Brony] “Thanks. Heh, now that I know how it felt to have my magic taken away.”

*A few minutes later…*

[Queen Chrysalis] “The next lesson is working together. Grogar taught us that.”

[Delta Brony] “Well, we are a duo. We totally got this.”

[Omega Brony] “If we can get the formations right, we can totally outsmart Twilight at our own game.”

*Delta and Omega begin their training, using every attack and magical ability that they could use against the Mane 6. After hours and hours of training, they become exhausted.*

[Omega Brony] “I could use a glass of water right now.”

[Delta Brony] “Me too.”

[Cozy Glow] “Wow, you are pretty banged up after all that training.”

[Lord Tirek] “Now you are ready for your final lesson.”

[Omega Brony] “I cannot wait for this day.”

[Delta Brony] “Ready for anything Omega.”

[Lord Tirek] “Your last lesson… is by joining us. So when Grogar returns, we could destroy Twilight Sparkle and her miserable friends.”

[Delta Brony] “That’s the lesson?”

[Omega Brony] “They are cunning than I thought.”

[Delta Brony] “Don’t you have the bell for Grogar? You might as well wait for him to arrive. We can truly leave him and the rest of you to your evil ways.”

[Queen Chrysalis] “If that’s the case, then that is all I can help you with.”

[Cozy Glow] “Unless you change your mind.”

[Delta Brony] “Haha!! Sure. After all, I’m the bad guy. If Grogar and the rest of you fall to Princess Twilight Sparkle and the ponies, I’ll finish what you started.”

[Lord Tirek] “What would be splendid if you did.”

[Delta Brony] “Welp, I guess I gotta go. Thanks for all the help guys.”

[Cozy Glow] “See you later Delta Brony.”

*Delta Brony leaves the scene, but Omega has something to say to the three.*

[Omega Brony] “Delta is very kind to you don’t you think?”

[Lord Tirek] “Very noble indeed. You decided to stay with us?”

[Omega Brony] “Not exactly, but I am counting on you three and Grogar. You’re the only ones that I am willing to root for. What can I say… Long Live Grogar.”

*Omega Brony leaves the field*

[Omega Brony] “I like this Omega pony. He totally fits with us.”

[Lord Tirek] “We don’t have time. We must head back to Grogar’s lair immediately.”

*At the skies*

[Delta Brony] “So… how’s Dharkon?”

[Omega Brony] “55%”

[Delta Brony] “WHOA!! Nice!!”

[Omega Brony] “Darkness is the only thing that matter for Dharkon. As for Tirek, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, and their leader Grogar, they won’t know what hit them after they defeat the Mane Six, cause they will be consumed by darkness.”

[Delta Brony] “I’m willing to give you a taste of your own medicine when Galeem coats Equestria in light.”

[Omega Brony] “A magnificent competition. Let’s see who will take control of Equestria.”

*Omega Brony returns back to the dark realm and Delta heads back to see Galeem,*

[Delta Brony] “Light vs. Darkness it is.”

To Be Continued…